Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fab Fall Trunk Show with Cene Bryant

These fotos don't do her work justice... so please bear with me... the toughest part of blogging for me is lack of images. Maybe I'm just shallow, I'm just not crazy for blogs without images. You really need to see her pieces in person... truly lovely!

Are you Redding Native or how long have you lived in Redding?

miss C: I have lived in beautiful NorCal for most of my life. Born in Hayward, CA and transplanted as a toddler. I love it here and can never figure out why people say there is nothing to do...we are surrounded by the most beautiful wilderness, lakes, and rivers in the state. Not to mention we aren't far from lots of fun places...Bay area, Sacramento, the coast, Oregon...the list goes on and on.

When did you start making jewelry?

miss C: I started making jewelry about 15 years ago as a hobby, and as a way to make gifts for friends and family members. I love to give gifts that women would never buy for themselves...like jewelry. I have been making jewelry professionally for about 5 years and have grown and learned so much from my customers. I love to hear honest feedback and constructive criticism, it is what helps me to continue to improve and have a different perspective on my work.

What inspires your work?

miss C: Nature is what inspires my work most...places that I visit often inspire me to create a piece of work to remember it by. I also tend to make jewelry with someone in mind, taking into consideration their personality, likes/dislikes, style, etc...whether they buy it or not. They may never even know that I made it with them in mind. My jewelry is created in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, and doesn't always have a universal fit for all, although I am always willing to customize for any customer.

Music choice while creating?

miss C: Reggae, for sure. It is upbeat and happy and I could listen to it all day.

Coke or Pepsi?

miss C: BEER for sure. I am a novice home brewer and I have a true affinity for beer. I love the science of creating it and experimenting with all sorts of ingredients to see what will happen. I also enjoy wine and hope to learn how to make wine someday. As for soda...Pepsi all the way.

On that note... wine will be served, along with the cheese, and cHoCoLaTe CaKe!
Trunk Show starts at 5'ish pm.
Stop by and give a warm "hello" to miss Cene!

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