Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer's End ~ Autumn's Beginning

Even though my moppets are back to school, it's still so flaming HOT and it never reeeally, actually feels like Fall for me, in August...

Alas, Summer is over and it is time for Fall to roll in. Time to take down the paper lanterns and host a Paper Lantern Party! All paper lanterns on sale and summer items are marked down. So, hurry in and grab a few lovely paper lanterns to place them outside on a tree, patio, or room! Hang on to a bit of me, they're goin fast!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bangles Party!!!

Yes Eunice, they're having a Bangles Bash with Sangrias & everythang!!!

No, not these Bangles...
(did any of you really walk like an egyptian??? yikes!)...

These Bangles!

Come join us on Diva Day Friday!!!
This Friday Nite with Special Guest:
Patty ~ "BakeLite Diva".

Patty has an extensive collection of wonderful Bakelite, Lucite, and other fantastic plastics from a bygone era! Bakelite was one of the world's first totally synthetic plastics placed into commercial use in 1910, by the American General Bakelite Company, founded & patented by Dr. Leo Baekeland in 1907. The retro appeal of Bakelite product & labor intensive manufacturing has made them quite collectible in recent years...One can definitely say "they don't make 'em like this anymore"...
Fantabulous, Fantastic-Plastic Bakelite 332 rotary dial fone

some people like to wear Bakelite...I like to make phone calls with it!

Sangria Sale starts @ 5 pm'ish

30% off any regular priced item on the shop floor

as always...

to "Celebrate the Diva in Ya"!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let's Hop!

a sweet rootin' tootin' wristlet

2nd Saturday Art Hop featuring fun sewn creations by Salisha Lloyd.
Makes me want to dig out my sewing machine and play! Um...confession... I actually failed Jr. High Sewing Class in the 70's!!! Yeah, I still get horrid flashbacks & break out in a cold sweat when seated at a Singer sewing machine to this day...Hmm maybe there's "Sewing Rehab 101" for the likes of me? hee hee...
must... have... book bag
sweet tweet satchel
Salisha's handcrafted goods may include felt, vintage buttons, metal zippers, funky polyester prints, or anything that strikes her fancy! She loves working with vintage fabrics so, the majority of her work is planet friendly. Now, that's green! Her work will be featured at the shop thru the end of August...
Be sure to check out her shop at:

Monday, August 4, 2008

bags and bangles bash!

Diva Day Fridays are Back!

Now that my moppets are back to school, it is time for US to play! Join us on Friday Nite, August 29th, @ 5PM 'ish for a Divaliscious Sale! It's time again to celebrate the "Diva in Ya"!

Trunk show, refreshments, and a most Divaliscious door prize await!

stop by the shop for details!

I say Songria... you say Sangria...

For my 49th , I mean "Who's Counting?" Birthday Party, I decided to host a Sangria Party...   {image source:  Pinterest...