Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take my hand.

All moved in to my little space in the studio...

with a piece or two tucked in the middle. 
{This one on hold for a sweet client, away on business at the moment}.
Beautiful new neighbor... an amazing Stylist. 
& No, I am not partial...   {okay, maybe just a little}. 
Ms. Scarlet Red... with an awful glare behind her (Apologies. Phone camera. meh.).  She's HUGE & solid.  I should've named her Big Red Bertha... but well, she has such a beautiful Scarlet Red hue to her.  She was a pine 'Bar', converted into a 'T.V. Hutch', & she  now has a lovely Red glow to her.
I'm happily adapting to my new space and some new changes in this chapter of my life. 
It's nice to work around/with such good people.  So fun creating with these ladies at the studio. 
I'm still figuring out which day(s) of the week are best for me. 
Currently working on some pieces for a client.  Images to follow soon and 
I'll be sure let you know which days I'll be at the studio.  
That way, if you swing by, I'll put on a fresh pot of coffee for us. 
♥ mo.

I say Songria... you say Sangria...

For my 49th , I mean "Who's Counting?" Birthday Party, I decided to host a Sangria Party...   {image source:  Pinterest...