Thursday, September 26, 2013

I say Songria... you say Sangria...

For my 49th, I mean "Who's Counting?" Birthday Party, I decided to host a Sangria Party...
{image source:  Pinterest}

It's just something I love to do... host soirees, so to speak.  Feed people.  Good people.  Close friends who have become family-people.  These are the moments I cherish.  Sharing them, enjoying them, & holding them close. 
So, aside from all the mushy stuff, I've got some work to do... although, I can hardly call it work. 
Here's a simple list for you to make your evening Oh~so enjoyable.  Salud!

1.  After setting the date, sending out invites (I like evite), & cleaning/prepping the house,
make your shopping list. 
2.  Make your playlist.  This is important as music sets the vibe.
3.  Shop for ingredients.
4.  Buy yourself fresh cut flowers. 
5.  The Bar... Be sure to stock it nicely.

6.  Keep the menu simple.  This is no time to use your guests as guinea pigs.

 7.  Dim the lights, light some candles, and turn up the volume before your guests arrive.

8.  Add a little special something to a very simple dessert.  Voila!

9.  A simple toast for yourself.... {only one}. 

10.  Last, but not least... put on your red lipstick, relax, enjoy your guests, and have fun!  SALUD!
XO mo